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Review - Evolution Race MX Final, November 23 2019

2019-12-18 Emma Frick

Bild: Ekstremsporten.dk

Evolution Race MX Final, November 23 at Amager MX track in Denmark. The race was 2 km x 3 laps. The concept was that everyone started with 61 points, ie the number of obstacles on the course. If you failed an obstacle, one point was deducted, which the referee noted, as standing at each obstacle. On the final lap there was a final obstacle just before the finish line.

This race was close to the Örestad train station and you could easily cross the bridge by car or train. If you took the train (in my case) you just had to walk 3 km and then you arrived. It was easy to find the registration and the Elite briefing was indoor (thumbs up). However, it cost ten Danish kronor, in cash or their “swish” to drop off you bag. It would have been easier if it was included in the registration fee.  

The race took place at a motorcross track with clay as the main ground. The main challenge I felt was the fact that you could only try the obstacles one time. An obstacle that is not usually seen as a challenge can suddenly feel difficult and the performance kicks in. In my case I got 58/61 points, 3 mistakes, but it could also have had 2 or 5 mistakes. Everything can really happen in an obstacle race!

In the start area music was playing and a speaker was introducing the start groups. At each obstacle, there were volunteers that cheered on you from the beginning of the obstacle to the end of it. That really means a lot when you are struggling to beat you obstacle! Thumbs up for all volunteers! 

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Bild: Ekstremsporten.dk

The track was very easy to follow, the obstacles came close to each other and there were runners to follow. In the beginning there was a lot of clay and then switched to grass and we finished one lap with clay again, before starting the next lap. The distance and the number of obstacles is a challenge, even if you are an OCR runner or a newcomer.  

The most challenging obstacle was this.

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Bild: Ekstremsporten.dk

Adding clay to both the wall and the rope makes it much more difficult. But I managed the obstacle all three times.

They had also made the balance obstacle a little bit harder. You had to pick up a stone and carry it while balancing. Balance obstacles seem to be a challenge for most people.

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Bild: Ekstremsporten.dk

The track itself was challenging, partly because the race consisted of 60% clay running, but also some slopes. 6 km was a fairly long course for this season. A race I highly recommend if you enjoy clay. It was a small event but they offered coffee, something small to eat and free fruit. One advantage, of the course being three laps, is that the audience actually could see you on different obstacles and follow you.

I was the third lady in with three mistakes, so I knew I would come either on a 2, 3 or 4th place. A fun and exciting way to compete, because you had no idea how many mistakes remaining competitors had. You just had to wait and see which placement you would get. It was me and one other girl who got three mistakes. She came before me, thus she won. But, it was not only the time that mattered, you had to overcome as many obstacles as possible.


Bild: Ekstremsporten.dk

I came 2nd in this race 

I’m Emma Frick and I have been running OCR races since 2014. I come from Höör in Skåne and for the next season I step up to the agegroup 30-34. Two years ago I started to run in the Elitegroup in most races, which has been my goal since I started OCR. I just found out that I can start in the Elitegroup at the Toughest races.

I’m a member of Gripen OCR. We are a team that loves OCR and run for the fun but also for competing.  

I really looking forward to the challenges for next season. And also to meet all the energetic OCR people again! I will definitely compete in the Evolution Race again in 2020, I’ll see you on the race!

Check out my Instagram: @emma8911, how I prepare for next season.

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