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Trail running - 12 tips som gör dig till en bättre traillöpare!

2022-02-13 Andreas Tjärnberg

12 tips för dig som vill bli bättre på att springa trail

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Review - Evolution Race MX Final, November 23 2019

2019-12-18 Emma Frick

Emma Frick - Everything can really happen in an obstacle race!

Review - Mountain Evolution Race 5/10 2019

2019-10-17 Paulina Sjöberg

Paulina Sjöberg - A race conducted in a fantastic nature in Denmark and where a large amphitheater was a central part.

It is all about the obstacles

2019-07-04 Mikael Sjösten

Results, what is measured, why and for whom?

OCR Europe - the European Obstacle Sports Federation

2019-05-29 Malin Spång, president EOSF

OCR Europe, the European Obstacle Sports Federation exists to represent the needs of the national member federation athletes. OCR Europe is the umbrella organization for European obstacle sports, related disciplines and events.

OCR - what is it good for and what do you bring to the table?

2019-04-19 Jorge Lattof

I’ve been asked to write about OCR and what it is good for and I start by hearing Jackie Chan singing “what is it good for? Absolutely nothing” I silently laugh in my head.

10,000 kettlebell swings that will make you stronger

2019-04-16 Tobias Sjösten

I swung a kettlebell ten thousand times during the course of a few weeks. It's awful, I wanted to quit, and here's why I'd do it again.