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World of Races has many events and races! Buy your ticket to a good race or a thrilling event here


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Are you an event or race organizer? It’s super easy to get started with World of Races and it does not cost you a thing to create your race or event!

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Need to change something on your ticket before the race? Add a team? Change start time for the event?

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The event platform is super easy to understand. Just focus on creating your event or race and the platform just works for you.Read more and get started

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Use our time keeping app RaceDay. Complete with speaker view, live results and participant registration - a great tool on the event... race day.

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We want to make life easy for you as organizer. With us, your participants will be able to do administrate their tickets - gives you more time for your event or race!

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You get full control over everything you sell. Be it tickets to the event or merchandise from the shop. Did we mention that you can contact us for integration to your economic platform?

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You’ll find it so easy to use our event platform that you most likely have no need for support. This gives you more room to focus on your event.

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Want to sell merchandise along with tickets for your event? We got you covered there too! Sell your merchandise and get full control from order to pack slip.

Are you an organizer? Get started today - there is no cost involved in trying out the platform. You can create your organization, event or race and you only pay for tickets sold. See the prices and more here: Prices and About the platform

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